Interface Configuration

Main sdk configuration.


  • Configuration


httpClient?: HttpClient

You can pass your own http client (e.g. HttpClient in Angular) if you have it, to not duplicate http clients and decrease bundle size.

providerAddress?: Partial<Partial<Record<keyof IWalletProvider, {
    crossChain?: string;
    onChain?: string;

Integrator wallet address.

rpcProviders: Partial<Record<EvmBlockchainName, RpcProvider<string>> & Record<"TRON", RpcProvider<TronWebProvider>> & Record<"SOLANA", RpcProvider<string>>>

Rpc data to connect to blockchains you will use. You have to pass rpcProvider for each blockchain you will use with sdk.

walletProvider?: Partial<IWalletProvider>

Required to use swap, approve and other methods which sends transactions. But you can calculate and encode trades without walletProvider. Pass it when user connects wallet. Please note that address and chainId must match account address and selected chain id in a user's wallet.

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